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Work From Home Mamas

About Us

WFHM is much more than your regular staffing and recruitment agency. We have created a supportive community for mamas to find gainful employment to provide for their children while being at home while symbiotically providing employers with qualified, reliable, motivated and supported staffing.

Why Us


We provide Staffing and Recruitment solutions with your business needs in mind, whether it is temporary or permanent…part time or full time. Our Mamas come from different sectors, educational and skills backgrounds, we are sure we can find this perfect fit. In this symbiotic relationship your company/organization will be a part something greater, something more noble and you will find our mamas are a cut above your regular remote staff.

We take the guesswork out of your recruitment, tell us your needs and we will short list a group of candidates based on your requirements. We also offer preliminary interviews, background checks, and full onboarding services when requested. The cool part is our job match is completely free. “Hire a Mama today, she will nurture your company tomorrow.

Remote work for Mamas

Founded by a Mama herself, so we know the needs of mamas, finding the right fit employer that you can find fulfillment, make a living while staying at home with the kiddies. Trust me we understand and are here for you. The good part is we take the stress out of finding the remote job best suited for you. All you have to do is answer a few questions and upload your resume/CV and we will do the pairing for you.

Industries we serve

Customer Service, engagement and experience

Business Administration and operation

Medical administration and billing

Finance and Accounting

Graphic and Design

Marketing and Social media Management


Human resources

Education and Training

Non Profit

Work From Home Mamas

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Are you in search of remote work opportunities? Look no further! We understand the importance of flexibility and the desire to work remotely.